We contracted MODE for a total condo renovation – a relatively big project touching every part of our place. Flooring, counters, cabinets, railings, ceiling, plumbing, fixtures, and some minor structural changes on top. They delivered everything on time and on budget, which was very impressive considering the entire project happened during the pandemic, and supply chain problems were starting to kick in near the end.

Right from the beginning they were straight forward with us, letting us know some of our ideas were probably impractical, but quickly offering up alternatives. They also asked far more questions than other contractors we talked to, talked about their business process and timelines, and were generally open and transparent about everything right off the bat. They had us meet directly with their suppliers across town to pick out every little piece we needed, and everyone we dealt with was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and more than willing to answer our questions.

We moved out to give them full access to our condo unit, and fourteen weeks later, we had a brand new place. They were quick to alert us to any issues throughout the process (the building is only from the 1980s, but still old enough there were some surprises of course), and gave us updates (or encouraged us to just pop in) whenever we needed. Their team, and all the trades they brought in, were friendly and helpful, and everyone did a fabulous job. We asked a lot of questions and they were very patient with all of our inquiries, though obviously it is hard to get a firm answer sometimes with multiple groups all involved in some decisions along the way.

We’d definitely recommend MODE for any projects – big or small – you come across. They were amazing at every step and we would happily use them again if we ever needed more work done in our place.