We have just completed finishing our basement with MODE and we couldn’t be happier. We met with Ryan (co-owner) to obtain an initial quote, and we felt at ease with him immediately – he took the time to truly understand what we were hoping to accomplish, he fully measured the space for himself (the only contractor we got a quote from to do so!), and he answered all of our questions. The initial quote we received from him was the most detailed of all of the ones we got and the only one to incorporate some of the things that we had discussed with him that were unique to our project versus a standard basement renovation.

Once we began the renovation process, we were so pleased with the entire Mode team – Shaun (co-owner and lead on construction), Mike, Jon and Jason were friendly, polite, knowledgeable and dedicated to making sure the work was correct. Martina was available to answer questions or keep us up to date on any changes. We were also very impressed with the sub trades that they hired for electrical (Valiant) and plumbing (Clover), and felt that everyone’s work was held to the same high standard. We appreciate the overall respectfulness for us and our home that the team conveyed, and their dedication to ensuring that everything was completed exactly as we wanted it.

We appreciated how closely the team stuck to the initial timeline set out and the overall quality of the work we received. We couldn’t be happier with our new basement space and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MODE to anyone, or to use them for the next project in our home.

Thank you MODE!!