After checking multiple different contractors, Ryan was the one who gave us the best feeling that the basement suite would be done right. Ryan was talkative and give us a fairly good idea of what to expect with the entire process. He helped us out with design and gave us a cost estimate that we thought was fair.

Mode Built got all the necessary permits and when Shaun and his crew arrived they worked quickly and efficiently to tear the basement apart so that they could rebuild our envisioned basement suite. The guys worked hard, and were meticulous in their work. Pays to have some knowledge and hard work.

Mode went above and beyond on a couple things that we wanted for the upstairs which really helped us out.
Apart from being very courteous and hard working, I genuinely felt that they were in it to help our vision (or lack their of) come to life.

We had some small issues with timing the install of the windows (a combination of our fault and the window contractors fault) but beyond that I didn’t have any problems at all.
Throughout the entire process, Shaun and Ryan were in constant communication with us so we knew what was going on every step of the way.

The basement suite turned out great and we already have plans to hire them for an upstairs bathroom and eventually a kitchen.